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1. Who provides my TRAVELSURE insurance cover?

TRAVELSURE is specially designed for Cebu Air Inc by Doha Insurance Company (Q.S.C) who issue you with the certificate of insurance during your flight booking.

2. What is my insurance coverage under TRAVELSURE?

TRAVELSURE includes cover for overseas medical expenses, travel cancellation, missed departure, baggage & personal effects, travel delay, emergency medical evacuation & repatriation and personal accident. For a full list of the benefits, please click here.

Please refer the TRAVELSURE Policy Wording for full description of the terms, conditions and exclusions.

3. When does my TRAVELSURE coverage begin?

The Return-Trip Plans commence when you check-in for your Cebu Air Inc Departure Flight and terminate when you have reached the flight terminal on your Cebu Air Inc. Return Flight.

The One-Way Plan commences when you check-in for your Cebu Air Inc Departure Flight and terminates when you have arrived at the flight terminal of your Cebu Air Inc destination.

4. Does TRAVELSURE enforce age limit?

Yes, the passengers must be at least 1 year old and does not exceed 65 years of age to qualify for TRAVELSURE.

Infant 16 days old to below 1 year old is entitled for a free Personal Accident coverage limited to 10% of the stated adult benefit.

5. Do I need medical examination to purchase TRAVELSURE?

Medical examination is not required. Please note that claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions are excluded under TRAVELSURE.

6. Can I still purchase TRAVELSURE if I have a Pre-existing Condition?

Yes, however, TRAVELSURE has exclusions on Pre-existing Conditions as stated in the policy's Full Terms and Conditions.

"Pre-existing Condition" refers to injury, sickness, disease, illness or other medical conditions that required medical treatments from a Physician two (2) years preceding the Policy effective date, or a condition for which hospitalization or surgery was required five (5) years preceding the Policy effective date.

7. Can I pay extra to cover pre-existing medical conditions?

No, there is no option to pay extra to obtain cover for pre-existing medical conditions under the TRAVELSURE policies.

8. Can I amend my TRAVELSURE?

You are allowed to amend your TRAVELSURE only if you are allowed to make changes to your flight itinerary and the travel period should be the same as your original booking. The existing TRAVELSURE coverage will be extended to your new travel period and this will be done automatically via Cebu Air Inc system.

9. What if a guest rebooks his flight? Can they also rebook their insurance?

If flight is rebooked to another to another date/time but with the same route, insurance will be carried over to the rebooked flight. However, if the flight will be rerouted, meaning guest rebooked to different route, the insurance will be forfeited. However, guest may purchase new insurance for the new route/s selected.

10. Can I cancel my TRAVELSURE?

TRAVELSURE cannot be cancelled because the travel cancellation benefit is already effected upon purchase.

11. Is TRAVELSURE premium refundable?

The Premium is non-refundable.

12. Do I have to carry a copy of my Certificate of Insurance with me when traveling?

We encourage you to do so but you will be covered even if you don’t have the certificate with you during your trip.

13. Am I required to carry any additional documents to proof my purchase when I am traveling?

No, your purchase confirmation is printed on your Cebu Air Inc travel itinerary.

14. Where should I indicate my nominee for receiving benefits?

The Estate Administration Laws of the respective countries will determine the lawful recipient of your benefits, in the event of death or total permanent disability.

15. What happens to my TRAVELSURE Return Trip Plan if Cebu Air Inc reschedules my Return Flight to a later date?

Your coverage is automatically extended to cover you for a period of 3 days beyond your maximum coverage period offered by TRAVELSURE, if your Return Flight is rescheduled by Cebu Air Inc to a later date.

16. What is my maximum coverage period offered by TRAVELSURE?

We offer coverage based on the travel itinerary booked and the table below will provide an indicative understanding of your maximum coverage period.


Extension Offered

1 – 14 days

Day 15 to 17

15 – 30 days

Day 31 to 33

17. How much does it cost? And how do I purchase TRAVELSURE?

Only QAR 35.00 per guest for a one-way plan and QAR 44.00 (1-14 days) and QAR 66.00 (15-30 days) for a return plan. A guest may purchase TravelSure by booking online at

18. Where can I obtain the terms and conditions of my TRAVELSURE?

The Terms and Conditions of your TRAVELSURE is available in the Policy Wording and Benefits section respectively.

19. Can I purchase TRAVELSURE if I am not a resident of Qatar?

You can purchase TRAVELSURE even if you are not a resident of Qatar and/or do not live in Qatar provided you have purchased a ticket from Cebu Air Inc for flights departing from Qatar.

20. If I am travelling with my friend, do we both need to buy separate TRAVELSURE?

Yes, you both need to buy separate policies.

21. What is my maximum day of cover?

The maximum day of cover is thirty (30) days per any one Return Trip.

22. Can I purchase TRAVELSURE One Way coverage if I purchased a return flight ticket?

No, your TRAVELSURE is based on your Cebu Air Inc Travel Itinerary, if you've purchased a return ticket; TRAVELSURE will cover you for that particular return trip.

23. If a natural disaster occurs in the country that I'm planning to visit and if I have TRAVELSURE coverage, could I cancel my Journey and make a claim?

No, TRAVELSURE does not cover any voluntary trip cancellations due to natural disaster. Please refer to the full terms and conditions for more details.

24. Does TRAVELSURE cover Professional Sports and other similar activities?

No, TRAVELSURE does not cover Professional Sports and other similar activities. Please refer to the full terms and conditions for more details.

25. Can I cancel my flight for any reason and get a refund through my Trip Cancellation Benefit?

The Trip Cancellation Benefit is only applicable for the reasons stated in the Terms and Conditions namely unforeseen emergencies such as illness, injury or death involving you, your travel companion and/or an immediate family member.

26. Does my Baggage & Personal Effects Benefit cover theft?

Yes, TRAVELSURE covers theft and damage due to attempted theft as long as it occurs during your trip.

27. Are gifts and articles purchased during the Journey covered?

Yes they are covered under the TRAVELSURE, subject to the Terms and Conditions.

28. Are you covered under TRAVELSURE if you ship your baggage home prior to your scheduled return trip to save costs?

No, we will not cover any unaccompanied baggage.

29. Can sum insured for baggage and personal effect cover under TRAVELSURE be increased?

No, there is no option under the policies to increase the cover provided for baggage, or any of the other benefits.

30. What shall I do if I encounter an accident abroad?

Please call any of the TRAVELSURE's 24-hour Emergency Assistance numbers below:
U.A.E: +971 4 5547108

It is important that you call one of these numbers for more details before you take any action. As for outpatient treatment, please retain all original receipts and submit your claim upon return.

31. Can I continue with my medical treatment for injuries sustained overseas when I return home?

Yes, you can continue your treatment as long as the initial treatment is received during the trip and all expenses are incurred within 30 days after the expiry of your TRAVELSURE.

32. If I need treatment for an illness during my trip, can I claim for medical, hospital or any other related expenses?

Yes, you can claim for your sickness-related medical expenses under TRAVELSURE.

33. If the Customs Department were to confiscate anything from me, could I make a claim under the TRAVELSURE?

No, cover for claims arising from confiscation by authorities is excluded.

34. How do I file a claim?

You may request for a list of documents needed for claims thru

35. How long does it take before my claims are processed?

Your claim will be processed within 7 working days after you have submitted all the required documents.

36. What is the time limit for me to file a claim?

All claims must be submitted to respective insurance underwriters within 30 days after the occurrence of the event together with the supporting documents.

37. What shall I do if I disagree with a claim decision made?

TRAVELSURE will advise you in writing of your rights to appeal the claim decision and the procedures for filing an appeal with the respective insurance underwriters.

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